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A few months ago, we released In-App Pre-Dunning, which lets your customers easily be notified within your app that their card is about to expire, so that they can keep their billing information up to date before their card expires. It only takes one snippet of code that you paste into your web app.

Today, we’re doing it for dunning as well. If a customer has failed a payment recently, we’ll display a bar over your app that lets them know about that failed payment. Then, they can easily and securely update their billing information using our stellar new payment page.

If you’re already using the Pre-Dunning bar, it’s justĀ been upgraded to handle Dunning as well. If you haven’t started using it yet, now’s a great time. In-App Dunning/Pre-Dunning is even more effective than email because it reaches your customers while they’re already engaged with your app, and so they’re much more likely to go ahead and update their billing information. Just click on “Email and App Settings” in the sidebar, and look under the In-App Dunning/Pre-Dunning section to find out more.

Here’s to keeping even more of your customers!

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