Stunning was developed to specifically to limit SaaS churn rates related to billing problems with your customers’ credit cards—and you might be surprised at just how big a problem this type of churn can be.

Solving billing errors is relatively simple, though, as long as you have the right tools in place; there are other churn drivers that all businesses, SaaS included, have to contend with that are a touch more complex.

Customer service is often the trickiest, and is the most significant in most cases, too.

Identifying Customer Service Issues

It’s conventional wisdom in the restaurant industry that a customer who complains is far preferable to one who suffers in silence—the complaint gives you a chance to make things right, and can actually lead to a more positive experience than a customer who never had a problem to begin with (assuming the complaint is handled correctly).

The customer with a problem they never bring to their server’s attention is unlikely ever to return, and more likely to tell their friends how much they hated their meal.

This principle is applicable to virtually any industry, not just food service. A customer pointing out a problem is an opportunity to impress, while a customer who sees but doesn’t tell is well on their way to becoming another churn statistic.

In the SaaS world, though, you NEVER have to let a customer slip away without at least trying to solve the problem. You know when they leave, you have their email address, and you have an established relationship that you can try to mend.

All you need is the right tools and the right customer service attitude.

Stunning Fights Churn on Multiple Fronts

In addition to its robust billing problem capture and notification system, Stunning allows you to send customizable emails to any customer who manually cancels your service—a proactive approach to stopping churn that gives you a second chance to wow your customers with your caring and our value.

Of course, an automated email is only an effective customer service tool if it’s backed up by real people who really care about the customer experience. Outstanding customer service isn’t something you can fake, and while Stunning provides the technology you have to provide the heart.

Design your email to get a response by including a sincere inquiry as to why your customer left. Make them an offer that encourages them to give you a second chance, and be there when they reply so you can live up to your promise of sincere and earnest effort.

The more you learn about why your customers leave, the more you can do to keep them on board and the more you can do to create value for everyone who stays.

It might not be worth chasing every customer down until you get an answer, but it’s certainly worth some initial effort.

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