Normally, when a SaaS app offers a free trial, the goal is to get the customer using the product as soon as possible, and to find enough value in what the product offers that they remain after the free trial. That’s attractive to potential customers, because there’s no obligation for them to pay anything if the product doesn’t meet their needs.

Stunning was built to help our customers automate the process of making sure that their customers’ billing information within Stripe is always up to date.  Normally, the process is completely automated.  Once one of our customers connects their Stripe account and sets up some email templates, we’ll email their customers whenever payment fails, and give the customer the opportunity to update their billing information. But what if a potential Stunning customer signs up and already has customers who are behind on payments? Before, they’d have to wait until a payment failed again to start reaping the benefits of Stunning.

Recently we released a feature that allows our customers to send an email to all of their delinquent customers at once. This means that anyone with a Stripe account and delinquent customers can sign up, set up some templates, press one button and immediately start getting customers to update their payment information. That effectively gives us a free trial that can make money for our customers, and we’re also showing them our value right out of the gate. We think that’s pretty awesome.  We’ve noticed that our trial conversion rate is up 34% since doing this.

If you can find a way to immediately generate value for your customers during their free trial, they’re going to be much more likely to stick around. Maybe it won’t directly be money (it could be saving time), but your trials will convert so much better if you can show how your product has generated value for them during their trial.

We're on a mission to help a million people to get better at fighting failed payments. Become one of them now!

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