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Re-send Stripe Receipts with Stunning.

Recently we released a feature that allows our customers to re-send any receipt or refund email that’s been sent using Stunning. To re-send a particular receipt or refund email, just look for the event where Stunning sent the receipt originally (on either the dashboard or the customer’s page), and there will be a link in […]

Thank Your Customers.

Awhile back, before the Internet was a glimmer in anyone’s eye, if you ran a business, chances are pretty good that you knew your best customers well. When you saw them, you might ask if they wanted the usual, and you’d get to know them on a more personal level because you saw them in […]

Dunning Emails in Real Life: Bidsketch, by Ruben Gamez

Ruben Gamez runs Bidsketch, an app that helps his customers to produce awesome client proposals in no time. It’s helped his customers to close over 250 million in sales. From what I understand, he has over 1500 paying customers, so he must be doing something right! Here’s how Bidsketch does dunning. When billing fails, they […]

Dunning Emails In Real Life: Mailgun

When you’re as essential to your customers’ success as Mailgun (whole apps are built almost entirely on top of it, and a suspended/cancelled Mailgun account could affect thousands of Mailgun’s customers’ customers), you can come right out of the gate with a mildly threatening email (which kindly informs the customer that if their account is […]

Dunning Emails In Real Life: Drip, by Rob Walling

You’re probably aware that a short time ago, Target’s billing system was hacked, and apparently anyone who’d used a credit card in a Target store within a certain amount of time was told that they might have had their card compromised. Since the card that I’d last used at Target was the card that’s tied […]