Slack has taken the business world by storm. Many of us rely on it every day to communicate with our teams. What if you could be notified in your team’s Slack as soon as a customer began failing payments? What if you could be notified the moment that a delinquent customer updated their billing information and was back in good standing? What if you could know if the dunning process had completed for a particular customer without them updating their billing information? Your team would know who they should follow up with personally, and they’d be even more effective at customer retention.

Starting today, you can get these sorts of important notifications in your Slack, with Stunning, like this:
Slack Notifications

To get started, just go to your App Settings and click on the Slack section. There, you’ll see a button that lets you connect to Slack. After you connect, you can select the channel where you want notifications to be sent.

It’s as simple as that!

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