When you create a customer in Stripe, in many cases you may also want to add more information about that customer, such as their name, phone number, a unique ID tied to your system, or any number of other things.

Recently, Stripe has added support for adding up to 10 additional bits of information about your customers, charges and other objects in your Stripe account.

Right behind Stripe’s support, Stunning has added Metadata support for Stripe  customers to our receipt emails, so you can use that information in your receipts. If you’re already using Stunning, you don’t need to do much to start using metadata in your Stunning receipt emails.

All you need to do is:

  1. Make a successful charge on a Customer (in Test or Live mode) while passing in the metadata that you’d like to see in your emails on that Customer.
  2. Stunning will automatically, immediately pick up the keys on the metadata that you’ve passed in. When we pick them up, you’ll find them in the list of fields that you can use on the top of your email templates, like so: Safari

We’ll be rolling this out to our other email types soon.

If you haven’t tried Stunning yet and have a Stripe account, you should! Sign up now.

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