We heard from one of the developers of our game. He had the first version of the game with art! No longer did we have one blob firing blobs at other blobs! Very exciting day.

Here is a build with graphics. It’s pretty raw. There is some additional work I plan to do. I’ll make some notes below to help out with things you might see that look “off”

The beast isn’t turning yet. I plan to make its animation much more fluid. We have various poses for facing all directions at all sizes that need to get coded in.

The boat will wander a bit, I’m not sure if its going to strafe left to right yet, or just bob a bit in the ocean.

The boat could use the stunning look, instead of the default grey, now that were not using that asset.

The payments are still prototype graphics, I’m getting those in next
The clusterbomb is a bit cheesy with the giant ring. Tyler and I have a fun idea for this one involving a clear capsule that bursts.

The UI still isn’t on the top.
I may try and liven up the water a bit with some wavy / shimmering animations.
Life Rings come out from under the boat currently, which is not as intended.
Sometimes the beast is way smaller than intended.

Here’s how that looked!

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