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Make Sure That Your Dunning Emails Get Opened.

This morning, I used a nifty new iOS feature that allows me to delete messages from the lock screen, without actually looking at the entire message. Historically, it’s been easy to delete messages without fully reading them in any email client, as you normally just see the subject line and a preview of the email […]

A Cliff-Hanging Complication for SaaS Churn

Every month—or maybe even more often—you sit down with some other key folk from your SaaS business to see how many subscribers you’ve lost, how many you’ve gained, and what your churn rate is. You know you’ll probably never get to zero, but you’re hoping for the lowest number possible, and most importantly you want […]

How Are You Tracking Churn in Your SaaS Business?

You’ve heard it here and elsewhere: churn matters. It might not be the be-all, end-all of your SaaS business, but it’s pretty important if you want to have a handle on your company’s value, profitability, and prospects. Knowing how to measure it is pretty important, too, and this might be a more complex task than many […]

Customer Service and Stopping SaaS Churn

Stunning was developed to specifically to limit SaaS churn rates related to billing problems with your customers’ credit cards—and you might be surprised at just how big a problem this type of churn can be. Solving billing errors is relatively simple, though, as long as you have the right tools in place; there are other […]