Previously, we discussed Stunning coming in at the end to help the player fight failed payments… represented by a large, Pacific Rim inspired robot, or Jaeger.

We picked up the Jaeger conversation after Tyler posted some new art, and I found out that the Jaeger would involve additional scope/cost.

Hi all, please see a refined set of assets for the game. This includes the cards in their various states, the beast, the boats, and the ocean background.

I love it, these look great! I love how the level one churn beast looks like a little baby. This has nothing to do with the game, but I’ve unofficially named him- his name is Oble. Because we’re trying to prevent a full blown Churn Oble. :sweat_smile:

OMG. That’s perfect. haha.

Nice. I have questions/comments!
It feels like the green cards are harder to see on the blue background than the others. not sure if outlining them in a light color might help?

also, weren’t we talking about stunning being a robot instead of a boat?

Hey, I think I only drafted a response regarding the Jaeger / Robot and never sent it. I skimmed above and couldn’t find any message from me. I’m sorry about that.

After chatting about it with Tyler, our stance was that we couldn’t make the jager work in the current scope as it would require its own animations, sfx, and design. We can add that in, but it would have to be a separate estimate.

The boat is easy to add in because we already will be writing all the animations and doing the designs for the base boat, so we would be more able to get that in by extending what we have.

I recognize that may not be aligned perfectly with your concept and I’m all for making something we’re all happy with though, so if we need to take a step back and look at the pieces we have and see how we can best assemble them to make everything work…that is fine by me.

I want to work in “level 6” and the “jaeger” if you want it for sure.
And on a much more minor note, I’ll have Tyler take a second glance at the green payments and see what can be done to boost the contrast. I’m leery to use outlines as they can be problematic as things scale, but I hear your concern and I’ll make sure it looks nice.

ah, ok @Scott Robertson
i’d like to at least get a quote for it!

Hey, here is a small doc outlining what we expect the Jaeger / Giant Robot to do to better estimate. I put a big emphasis on the only new stuff being the Jaeger and not the things it can do, so that we reuse as much as possible. For example, previous particles and behaviors, such as the beast’s stun effect.

Jaeger Behavior
The Jaeger should be a swiss army knife of capabilities, paralleling Stunning’s capabilities. We plan to give it a Missile Salvo on its shoulder, and “arm gun”, and churn beast stunning eye beams. It simultaneously suppresses the beast, and recovers payments, helping the player.

The Jaeger is bound to the top “track” of the screen, strafing to generally align with the churn beast, but with some drift and apparent freedom.

The “Entrance”
The Jaeger drops in from the top of the screen, sloshing the payments around

Shoulder Missile Salvo
Shoots small tracking “bullets” that hit ~ 9 payments

Arm Gun
Shoots one of whatever the current player’s dunning effect is

Eye Beams
The Jaeger strafes to align with the churn beast, and fires a pair of lasers straight down, stunning the beast

Lifesaver Emblem
The lifesaver emblem on the Jaeger’s chest

Yes. This sounds great. And yes, the Stunning lifesaver should 100% be on the robot’s chest.

Excellent. Glad to hear you want to go forward with this. I can split this in half and bill it over the next two invoices, if that is fine by you?


Excellent. I’ll get an estimate to you for this tomorrow.

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