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Announcing Apple Pay on Stunning Payment Pages!

At Stunning, we believe in making it as easy as possible for your customers to update their billing information when their payments fail on Stripe. That’s why our payment pages don’t require a password before customers can update their billing information, and why our payment form is built to make auto-fill easy. We even support […]

Real Time Slack Notifications For Failed Payments

Slack has taken the business world by storm. Many of us rely on it every day to communicate with our teams. What if you could be notified in your team’s Slack as soon as a customer began failing payments? What if you could be notified the moment that a delinquent customer updated their billing information […]

Make Sure That Your Dunning Emails Get Opened.

This morning, I used a nifty new iOS feature that allows me to delete messages from the lock screen, without actually looking at the entire message. Historically, it’s been easy to delete messages without fully reading them in any email client, as you normally just see the subject line and a preview of the email […]

Completing the Trifecta: Dunning SMS for Stripe

Over time, due to customer requests, we’ve added more and more useful email types to Stunning, like Pre-Dunning (emails before cards expire), Upcoming Charge (lets a customer know before they’re charged, which is really useful for annual plans), Cancellation Emails, and a lot more useful features, such as billing history pages. A few months back, […]

Billing History Pages for Stripe, from Stunning

Late last week, we released a┬ámuch requested feature: Billing history pages. Now, when a customer asks for an invoice for a past charge, you can point them at their billing history page. These pages allow your customers to see all of their successful subscription charges, and view/print/download PDF receipts of each. You can link directly […]